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Dragon SlayingServices we provide.

Web Services


We offer competitive pricing backed by years of experience. But, what’s best about having a WebWizards certified web developer managing your online project is that we’re locally based in a retail environment. Unlike many who work remotely, we are available in-person whenever you have a question about your online needs.

  • Domain Name Registration ($19.95 yr.)
  • Website Hosting ($14.95 mo.)
  • Website Design ($499.95 to $4,999.95 flat)
  • Landing Page Design ($149.95 to $249.95 flat)
  • Website Monthly Maintenance ($99.95 to $499.95 mo.)
  • Website Marketing Plans ($199.95 to $4,999.95 mo.)
  • Email Blast Design ($149.95 flat)
  • Lead Generation ($299.95 to $799.95 mo.)
  • Search Engine Optimization ($299.95 to $799.95 mo.)
  • Social Network Management ($99.95 to $499.95 mo.)
  • Reputation Management  ($499.95 to $999.95 mo.)
  • Web & Mobile Apps  (No longer offered)
  • Advertising Design  ($499.95 to $4,999.95 per campaign)
  • Company Branding  ($499.95 to $1,499.95 per campaign)

Items with price ranges depend on the complexity of the client request. Call 844-509-1200 for written quote.

Web Support


WebWizards offers email, phone or in-store help with anything Internet related or  you can book an appointment with a Ground Support Pro and we’ll come to you. We recruit the most hip, talented, capable nerds to become certified support pros who use their Internet knowledge to help others.

  • Phone Support ($39.95 ph) 1 hr min
  • WebSite Quick-Fixes ($75.00 ph) 1 hr min
  • Website Monthly Maintenance ($99.95 to $499.95 mo.)

Web Classes


Our public and private classes are held several times a week at our retail facility to educate individuals and business owners about things related to the Internet. This set of structured courses are offered at Beginner, Advanced and Certification levels. For those seeking careers in web development, we also have special programming courses for Online Developers.

  • Private Classes ($64.95 per class)
  • Website Design Classes
  • Security Classes
  • More

Full Certification Courses available. Event speakers available.

Web Gadgets


We carry many items in-store. If we don’t have it, you can order it and we will deliver next day.

Pricing varies. Call 844-509-1200