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Friends of WebWizards can now earn some money by helping us out. Once you’ve signed up as an Affiliate, we’ll give you your own special link that tracks and pays you for all the sales made through your link. Use that link on Facebook, Twitter, your blog, your website, in an email, whatever. If someone clicks on it and subscribes, you earn $5. If any sale is made through that link, you’ll earn 15% of the sale.

Example: Website Design project: $1500 (you’ll get $225).

How do you do it? Simple.

(1) Register

(2) Click on Account Settings.

(3) Toward the bottom you’ll see your affiliate link. It will look something like this:

(4) Use that link in Facebook, Twitter, on your blog, wherever, when you’re telling people how wonderful our site is.

(5) Earn money every time someone subscribes through your link!

You’ll need to have a PayPal account associated with the email address we have on file for you (in the “PayPal email” box at Account Settings), so we can pay you.